Bradley Cooper's relationships just keep getting weirder and weirder - 07-18


Bradley Cooper is a chameleon on and off screen. Up until the 2018 pandemonium that was A Star Is Born — which he famously produced, directed, co-wrote, and acted in — the Philly native was most known for starring in the bro-comedy trilogy, The Hangover. For a while, he got pigeonholed as being that guy from the franchise … an idea GQ touched on in 2014. Noting that the movie star has "never played a guy as smart as he is in real life," the mag went on to explain that Cooper graduated from the Georgetown English program with honors, "wrote his thesis on Nabokov's Lolita," and adores John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost. Meanwhile, The New York Times once compared him to his hyper-genius character in Limitless. It makes us wonder what the rest of us have to do to get to his level of success.


Luna Solar - 07-22
man this guy's got more mileage on him than a 86 Toyota pickup truck