Marijuana is still illegal, state leaders tell local district attorneys

KXAN - 07-18


AUSTIN (KXAN) — The state’s Republican leaders sent a letter to county and district attorneys Thursday telling them the state of Texas did not decriminalize small amounts of marijuana when the state passed its new hemp law.

Kathy Stachowiak Soto: ridiculous just legalize it already

User from TX: Dummies must not want to get reelected


Miguel Murillo - 29 days ago
Being the largest state Texas would benefit tremendously from the economic riches that the cannabis industry has to offer. Its stupid to legalize hemp but still prosecute cannabis. To me its pointless its like legalizing Pepsi but Coca Cola is still illegal.
pat holmes - 30 days ago
please put KXAN back on the air, enough is enough
Joyce Buendel - 30 days ago
Make it Legal Already!! I'm in pain all the time because of my 2 back surgeries and neck surgery I've been taking morphine gabapentin and muscle relaxers for the last 10 years. I would rather use cannibis God made it and has no side effects like all the pills I have to take which is man made!! I do use CBD OILS which helps with my pain.
Tom Torre - 07-19
1968 first time in States back from Vietnam USCG Jimi Hendrix city park New Orleans legalize tax it use $ for hard drugs in USA
Merina Garza - 07-19
1972 San Antonio, Tx, 18 yrs young first J. Finally, The Man figured this all out. God is Great Cannibis is tooooo Good, &;well the rest r Crazy. Merina
Steph; - 07-19
it's a way to keep prison full and the working man down why can only rich people get these privileges. we all deserve the right to pursuit happyness.
kiara lee - 07-19
Humphrey Jr. - 07-19
User from TX - 07-18
Dummies must not want to get reelected
Kathy Stachowiak Soto - 07-18
ridiculous just legalize it already