21-year-old man in stolen vehicle dies in Antioch crash

San Francisco Chronicle - 07-18


A 21-year-old man died early Thursday after he allegedly stole a vehicle, fled from Antioch police and crashed, officials said. An officer spotted the vehicle around 1 a.m. on Somersville Road after a neighboring law enforcement agency reported the theft. Antioch police said the suspect accelerated away from responding officers as they attempted to pull him over.

Joe King: Karma MI bruha


Diane LaMerrill - 07-19
vehicle violence takes another life.........where is the out cry?!? universal background checks should be in place! "automatics" should be outlawed! where are the protests?!? "NOT ONE MORE!" Where are our elected officials?!? Think of the children.....(sarc)
Lanette Dieter - 07-18
This goes on more and more...
Vicki White - 07-18
sad state of affairs
User from CA - 07-18
God blessed!!!
Joe King - 07-18
Karma MI bruha