Baby girl 'born with three heads' as mystery condition puzzles medics

mirror - 07-18


A baby girl 'born with three heads' because of an unknown medical condition has baffled medics in India. Family members are said to be "in shock" following the birth of the infant last week.

Anita D. Braden: When a baby is born with extra parts it is because it was suppose to be a twin or in this case triplets. And for what ever reason ( malnutrition, lack of health care, etc...) the egg didn't fully split and form the other babies so the 1 gets the extra parts that tried to form. There is no mysterious whatever garb they want to call it. It's medical facts that have been proven. As far as this precious lil girl I pray she is a fighter 🙏 and They have a dependable surgeon who can remove the 2 extra heads with out damaging her brain so that she can live her life to its fullest.

Rogelio Sotelo: why does this happens more in India then other countries .

User from TX: I asked the same question. And pardon my ignorance but I wonder if it has to do with the God(s) they worship.

Deanna Dugan: yup said the same thing about the demographics. I belive that the intermarriage between families is part of the issue. I personally know many 1st cousins that are married from this country as well as other countries in the area and they have issues with birth defects 1 in 4 at least.

Mz Chocolitt: Awww poor baby I pray that she is fine


Cecelia Morrison - 1 days ago
they have a long journey ahead of them gods incontrol prayers are powerful and love is unstoppable
Cecelia Morrison - 1 days ago
no body's perfect just pray for her she's special and parents need our prayers and support. would you love her if she was yours of course we'll let's love her just as she is (for now)
GregLeslie Blevins - 2 days ago
praying for the sweet baby and her family
User from AL - 2 days ago
Opooouuccchhn!!!! I feel sorry for the Mama !!!!
gacha idoits7777 - 3 days ago
only in India😏
Luna Solar - 3 days ago
is this because of incest or close cousin marriage? why do these things happen so often in these countries?
eagle62 - 4 days ago
insest INBREAD
udontknowme. - 6 days ago
Hmm them area 51 memes were right
User from PA - 7 days ago
Saddens my heart. I pray a surgeon can help.
Viv (Child of God) - 7 days ago
I saw a similar post with the same baby a few days ago but there was only one added head. if you look between the two back heads you can see the shadow of pink from the red sheets the baby is lying on, also a slight blur there as well.It is photoshopped and a cruel thing to do.✝️
Quinyetta Riley - 7 days ago
for what I am seeing this is a very serve case of a neurological medical condition called (Encehpolocele) it's a brain disorder. I say this because my daughter was born with this condition but the sack on the back of my daughter's head was a bit smaller... I pray for this baby and family..
Dondra Brown - 7 days ago
Are u doctor??.
Brenda Mcdarby - 7 days ago
I am blown away to read an article that a guy who witnessed the birth and said, "it looked like an alien! Wth??? She is a baby for godsakes no matter what! That poor mother I can't imagine what she went through delivering the baby! prayers for both the child and mum.
Carlos Morales - 7 days ago
India has number one for this thing.
Cee Rob - 7 days ago
God bless her.... give her strength when it is needed ...and guide her to victory Lord...amen
steve darkchocolate - 7 days ago
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User from FL - 7 days ago
Does this babies extra heads have eyes mouth and nose,or is it just a protrusion from her head? God Bless her family, heartbreaking.
steve darkchocolate - 8 days ago
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steve darkchocolate - 8 days ago
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Pam Peterson - 8 days ago
Monsanto changing the dna in foods & chemical polution.
GodBot - 8 days ago
it's the prophecy.. it's satans daughter
Yuma Joy - 8 days ago
I suppose this was in India again. Seems to happen a lot.
JimDemocratCrow - 8 days ago
I love all these onlibe Dr.s pretending to have scientific facts. Here's the facts: Indian has the highest birth defect rate in the world. Pollution and gene pool are the two biggest factors. India has a culture that even worships birth defects. Prenatal care does not account for the high rates, many countries are poor and do not even come close to the same rate. It's what happens in any animal world where over population becomes an issue causing genic mutations. It's no longer the strongest and fittest breeding so bad genes get passed. Indians are not a race of people, so please stop making yourself look stupid by screaming racism when the truth is spoken, Brown is a color, it's never been a race.
trumpalreadywon2020 - 9 days ago
three heads are always better then one ... poor husband going to have to listen to three for the price of one lol
Sally Parker - 9 days ago
yes agree. air that is breathed near industrial factories. working with chemicals, poor nutrition. maybe producing with genetics within same genetic line (unknowingly) since they are in cast system of marrying within same race, culture, village, religion so your chances of having same genetically lineage could be same.
Sue Ellen Nisbet - 10 days ago
in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for this girl and her family !!!!!!!!
belldozer - 13 days ago
Juanita M Amador - 13 days ago
praying for bby
steve darkchocolate - 14 days ago
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Seuss Kim - 14 days ago
this people are cursed with medical issues