13 Philadelphia police officers to be fired following Facebook post investigation

6abc.com - 29 days ago


PHILADELPHIA -- Thirteen Philadelphia police officers will be fired following an investigation into racist and offensive Facebook posts, Commissioner Richard Ross said. The officers are on a 30-day suspension with intent to dismiss, Ross said during a news conference on Thursday.

Dannelle Cassidy: Freedom of speech! These officers were NOT on duty...they shouldn't be punished for what was said or done while off the clock! Just ANOTHER far left crying session. SMH

Cronos: Where's the names and pics of these guys?!? If that was me they would be shaming me all over the internet

Deanna Jackson: smh yup freedom of speech but cops are looked up to they should have better judgment and they know better just cause they're off duty doesn't make it right it makes it stupid how it was done on FB for God's sake come on now....

User from PA: Everyone is offended now a days! Get a life!

Eric Sapp: Whatever happened to FREE SPEECH...it's amazing how the liberal democrats can say anything and have no consequences


Shawn McKellen - 28 days ago
and Kendall is at the United Nations while cops get fired for the misbehaving don't come 400 feet of that building while he has 0 tolerance policy against him 😞
Betsy Hoke - 28 days ago
and just because they weren't on duty doesn't give them the right to make remarks like that they're supposed to be protecting everybody of every race color creed etc and they're not
Betsy Hoke - 28 days ago
they need to be fired every single last one of them that's some racist s*** if you ask me and they're still doing it
Maggie Williams - 28 days ago
i Guess employers all over will cast judgement now ....good luck ..
Maggie Williams - 28 days ago
fb has been being used as a freedom of speech plateform but it is NOT....its now judge and jury overall....
Raymond Alpaugh - 28 days ago
why are blacks officers allowed to support black lives matter
Watchdog? - 28 days ago
CongratulationsThat's the right attitude to take in cleaning house.Police officers are example to those that trust in them.Police officer's are on duty 24/7 with uniform or with out uniform don't bring excuses to those that break policies.The quick response of the Police Chief and the Mayor Jim Kenny has been able to stop in time this epidemic within the force.
bad karma biker - 29 days ago
because there letting these so called Congress people walk all over us with there racist comments and nothing happens to them
User from NJ - 29 days ago
🙄🤷🏻‍♂️🤔......all they gonna do is sweep 🧹 it under the rug.....this been going on for years 🙄....but now is coming out to light ✌️👀
Rosalie Schell - 29 days ago
so??? their fired or put on leave for lying?
Rhod's wife? - 29 days ago
great speech.
Robert Simone - 29 days ago
If they were not cops, it would nothing.
Sans Bates - 29 days ago
any one notice the rabbit in the room 😂😂
Jim Welsh - 29 days ago
It's gotten so bad that now the Philly police won't give a description of a suspect on tv as black when we all know that most violent crime in the city is by blacks.No I'm not racist but facts are facts
Sharon Howard - 29 days ago
publish their mames
User from PA - 29 days ago
White Cops should only be given blanks in their guns and use only a taser with 5000 volts. And one hand tied behind their backs for punishment 3 months or be fired!
Rose Mahan - 29 days ago
HORRIBLE!!! So Sad for the Innocent victims that live out there with no real Protection. They have camera everywhere and crime getting worser!!!
Eric Sapp - 29 days ago
Whatever happened to FREE SPEECH...it's amazing how the liberal democrats can say anything and have no consequences
User from PA - 29 days ago
If people had to deal with what these cops are dealing with I’m sure they would post some things too
Omar Staton - 29 days ago
Well a lot of white cops are with the kkk so I'm not surprised about the post they put up just a lil and I mean a lil surprised they still got a joB🤦🏿‍♂️
Marie Lomax - 29 days ago
they should be fired period they got up on FB and made racist comments that should be enough get rid of them we as the people need to trust law enforcement.
phil ford - 29 days ago
talk talk talk take some action will see if they fire these assholes or give them desk duty......
Ten Bavis - 29 days ago
this is shameful criminal garbage comes in every shape, color, religion, & size. this article is all bullish. shows zero crime, racist quotes, or anything illegal. Back up this judgement with facts or evidence, otherwise its all hearsay.
Corey Bethea - 29 days ago
Let me get this right...We have racist pigs posting their racist views about the people they're SWORN to protect and serve (without bias) at a time when Black Men and Black Women are being executed by pigs that were always racist but NEVER said or showed it in public!
Kimberly Jean Pierre - 29 days ago
we have a racist leader, so they feel that it's ok
Lora Winchester - 29 days ago
they can be racist if thats what they choose to be its alot out here in the world today but i agree get rid of them because now that they published their racism on fb everyone knows they are n that inteteferes with their performance on their job. if they valued their pledge n their jobs they would not have published it on fb. i agree with their decision
UxG MoO - 29 days ago
who cares
User from PA - 29 days ago
Good put them in line so safety is Administered to all people
Chris Williams - 29 days ago
people are quick to say freedom of speech or say they're protected under the 1st Amendment. if you really believe that, post a negative rant about your current boss and/or job snd see what happens. most jobs now have a social media policy and if you violate it, you're done.
Roxy76 - 29 days ago
I don't care about people saying that they were off the clock, so them being racist and talking about violence changes when they go on the clock?? Wtf??