UPDATE: 2 at-large suspects in Ardmore homicide found

WAAY-TV - 07-18


UPDATE: The Madison County Sheriff's Office says it has located two of its suspects in the Tuesday murder of Diane Ferguson Ballard in Ardmore. Earlier Thursday, the office said it was looking for three suspects. Now, the office says there are four: 2 located, 2 at large.

Steve Black: You mean to tell me ALL these men are BLACK? NO way......lol

Tony Luttrell: Imagine that.


Amberly Lynn Hasting - 07-19
Always about race... folks act like it's only a certain race that does all kinds of evil things! If you are one who thinks this... You Seriously Should get out more and stop acting like we are still living all those years ago! I would not want to be looked at and judged on what our ancestors done years ago!?!? JUST because they may be family... doesn't mean I am anything like them. I hate what was done to them and can't imagine but it's not fair to judge me for that! I've always said that some black people are more racist than white people!? I just try to be nice and treat them like others. HONESTLY... I DON'T SEE RACE... I SEE WHAT TYPE PERSON THEY ARE AND THEIR HEART. NO MATTER WHAT COLOR NOBODY IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER!
Tony Luttrell - 07-18
Imagine that.
Steve Black - 07-18
You mean to tell me ALL these men are BLACK? NO way......lol