Middletown woman arrested, charged after baby found wandering street

fox61.com - 07-18


MIDDLETOWN — A woman was charged with two counts of risk of injury to a child after her 1-year-old was found wandering outside. According to police, a passerby noticed the baby on South Main Street by Pinewood Terrace and called police around 5:40 p.m. Police said the child’s diaper was dirty and soaked with urine, and noted the baby seemed lethargic. Police also said that the child appeared to have ‘slight bruising’ and blood on his hand from small scratches.

Leslie Yeisley: Hopefully the children were removed from the home.


Arthur Arthur - 07-19
it's very true and sad
Paul Sergobin - 07-18
Yeah...she looks like she could take care of children????
Katie Fairchild - 07-18
Jesus, happy someone stepped in to help those poor children. Now if only they would do the same to someone who could be her sister since the look and act alot alike with the neglectful parenting, abandonment, alcoholism, and a delusional mind thinking they're a great parent properly caring for her child. Sadly in reality it's amazing DCF AND THE COURT SYSTEM has failed her children. I just pray someone puts an end to her negligence, risk of injury to a minor, perjury, the list goes on but unfortunately no one is doing anything to help those innocent children.
Leslie Yeisley - 07-18
Hopefully the children were removed from the home.