Mother-Daughter Duo Charged in Baby's Death After Pregnant Teen's Grisly Slaying

NBC Chicago - 07-18


The mother-daughter duo accused of killing a pregnant Chicago teen before cutting her unborn baby from her womb and claiming it as their own are now facing a new murder charge- for the infant's death.


Margaret Buchanan - 28 days ago
wow that is so sad what is this world coming to that breaks my heart what's wrong with them people getting ate up with the devil or what so sad God bless the poor baby in the young girl's family for their loss but now they'll be together in heaven and be with God God bless everyone
Patrick Smith - 07-18
All they need to do is take them out of protective custody and put them in Gen pop and wait because they will get some prison Justice thats a fact
Andrew Marek - 07-18
The looks on their faces... the faces of cold blooded murderers. Don't waste our money.. just inject them with some air and enjoy their dethrows.
Norman Stubbs - 07-18
The boy friend is just as heartless, to even put himself in the cover up, bring back the death penalty today,