Brittany Zamora arrives at prison for 20-year sentence - 07-18


The former Goodyear teacher who molested her 13-year-old student has started her sentence at an Arizona prison. A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Corrections confirmed Zamora arrived at the Arizona State Prison Complex — Perryville in Goodyear Wednesday.

Kyle Massa: Where the hell was she when I was growing up???? I would of kept my mouth shut 😂

Brenda Nicholas: I think 20 years is a bit excessive I know that is 6 greater can't consent to sexual activity but not babies why have I read about men predators that are molested younger children getting a lot less time unfortunately I've been in Perryville State Prison and it's pretty bad I wish her luck 20 years of very long time

Scott Almy: she can molest me

User from WA: When I was in 6th grade I would’ve felt like the luckiest kid in the world if I would have been molested by a not so bad looking teacher like her. And I’m sure my dad would’ve gave me a bunch of “😆atta boy.

Chris Suiter: Too bad she wasn’t my teacher


Bob G - 6 days ago
Illegal immigrant murderers, get less of a sentence.
Patricia Moore - 6 days ago
this boy owns some guilt here.she was a adult here mistake.boys his age are all up into the sex world.and nasties.what a terrible story you play you pay
Michael Falchi - 7 days ago
I'll write haha
Charles Thomas - 7 days ago
20 yrs? come on let her go in 3. then she can work at make a wish foundation.
User from PA - 8 days ago
20 years that’s crazy when Santa and all the priest are still pinching baby booties..
Christine Musana - 8 days ago
she would rather got married than abusing children. wow wow wow iam an intercessor at my church for children in school s many will be exposed God is a just God
beans - 8 days ago
Such a sorry woman
User from CA - 8 days ago
User from FL - 8 days ago
Wonder if she’d like some conjugal visits. I’m much older but I’d enjoy it whether she would or not.
User from TX - 8 days ago
Really ?? 20 years ? Hell one convicted of homicide doesn’t get that sentencing anymore but yet you take a minor obviously willing to engage in this relationship and it’s worse than taking a life ? Talk about a screwed up judicial system we all stand behind and support
robert horne - 8 days ago
some of these comments are ridiculous, a pedo, is a pedo, have some people lost their minds and their thoughts.
Brian Maves - 9 days ago
I wonder if she should be paying child support for her underage boyfriend.
Brian Maves - 9 days ago
Now she can teach other inmates to be a pedophile. Have fun you scumba GB Zamora.
User from CA - 9 days ago
damn I want her to have my baby maybe in 20 years. Hehe
James Ravenell - 9 days ago
This is too much for a brother to read plus all these ridiculous comments.
Art P - 9 days ago
if y'all don't believe me the segment is on Netflix and it is called roll red roll watch it you'll see what I'm talking about. this means the court systems are not fair to any of us because at any given time any of us could be put in a situation somehow someway you never know and then we get treated unfair by the court system and not equal as it should be
James Walker - 9 days ago
Should have sent her to me for 20 years.
User from FL - 10 days ago
General Zod - 10 days ago
let her out and place her under my supervision. i will keep her busy and we'll do lots of role-playing where i play a 12-13 year old boy and she can be that naughty teacher who keeps me after school! 🔥🔥🔥😃👍
Barbie Sowards - 10 days ago
see give them oh what about those boys
holly bailey - 11 days ago
you're a sick individual
Metal Jacket - 11 days ago
the crazy thing is , she's going to prison for a long while , meanwhile the kid will be a rockstar with the girls , and daddy will cash in off the civil suit .if not the husband (yes he's suing the hubby) , its the school district that will pay. But I think prisons overload and bleedin hearts will let her out early..
Eric Franklind - 11 days ago
I bet that head was the bomb
sixtyton angel (60tonangel) - 11 days ago
Gary Hoffman - 11 days ago
Had she had access to a dispensary she would of toked up. sat in the corner and looked out the window for about 5 minutes. That would of been enough time to realise she's major horney and needs an answer. But apparently she was hung up on losing her job over a urine test. She needed time off for bad behaviour like Vegas or LA. 20 years.....pot will be leagle in all 50 states by then. She has a nana that over took her common sense button.
Brian Davis - 11 days ago
G.Damb she's even kinda hot n slutty in orange ... Daddy likes !!!😍 wish I had her as a teacher ...
Todd Ball - 12 days ago
couldn't get a guy her own age so she had to blow a 13 year old
Jennifer Aliff - 12 days ago
so much for WHITE PRIVILEGE not.THAT IS TOO LONG in jail HE WAS BEGGING HER FOR IT....5 to ten more like it.I'm not young. I've seen lots of this .my music teacher married his student.they lived happily ever after.none of us BLABBED.they were in love.sumtimes it's lust...keep ur pants on folks!!!even MICK JAGGER REQUIRES U BE 18 WITH ID.LOL
Michael Falchi - 12 days ago
20 yrs wow
Chris Weezorak - 13 days ago
how people are saved what if jesus returns speak not evil.of breathen learn pray then hate