Miley Cyrus Is Still Queer Even Though She Married a Man - 07-18


Miley Cyrus has been criticized in the past for dropping parts of her persona — especially the parts appropriated from cultures she isn’t a part of — after profiting from them, but the pop star says there’s one part of her identity that’s still very much relevant: her pansexuality.

Sandi Miller: Drama queen addicted to attention.

Drue Chesky: She sure isn't famous in a good way.

User from MI: Confused drug addict.

Yuma Joy: She doesn't know what the hell she is!!- Must have one hell of an upbringing!!!!

Debra Alexander Taylor: Her husband must be really proud, married to a freak.


DD jr - 13 days ago
More mental illness
Tonia Johnson - 14 days ago
Even my kid don't listen to her music anymore !!!
Maria Brown - 17 days ago
she's a disgrace to The Cyrus Name
james smith - 07-22
User from TX - 07-21
Her identity politics has her very twisted up. If who you are sexually attracted to is what defines you than i feel sorry for you. You can be more than that.
Killian Cardashian - 07-21
actually no one's forced to be outspoken about their sexuality. People need to keep it to themselves. I don't understand this trend to make sure that everyone around you knows what you do in your bedroom. Have some decency and some privacy.
Glenda Justice - 07-21
Damn look at her NASTY tongue. Doesn't she clean her whole mouth when brushing teeth. I'd keep my tongue in my mouth if it was that nasty and ugly. I also mean nasty in every meaning of its way , but here especially it physically dirty. WOW!! SHEW WEE.........I wouldn't kiss that.
Bruce Norris - 07-21
The new Democratic voter
User from IA - 07-21
she’s queer alright
captain morgan - 07-20
Sill A PIG!!!!
Pinky and the Brain - 07-20
Well I'm still a toaster even if I married a zebra
raymond menendez - 07-20
and parents still buy her CDs and posters for their 9 year olds
myopinionsoo - 07-20
smh so your sexuality is who u are that's sad. why is that how we are seen.only by our sexuality..
Erik Peterson - 07-20
smear the Queer!
Paul Mckinney - 07-20
So she likes eating at the Y while on all fours getting it parked in the rear of the lot !!!
Daniel penn - 07-20
this isn't news,who cares what she is.🙉
Amanda Hess - 07-20
she is bisexual, you can be married and still be bi.
John Adriance - 07-20
Look at me look at me everyone my opinion is important
Adolf Schickelgruber - 07-20
User from TX - 07-20
Who said marriage partner is a man? And who said they've done the "nasty"'d have to be with her. Ugh!
FRANKtheTANK - 07-20
anyone else smell that? I'm so overwhelmed with dirty crotch smell just looking at her pic.
Heidi Randall - 07-20
Lovely dear!
Bobby Lascano - 07-19
if ya all want to call her a freak take a good look at ur president 🤓🤓🤓🤓
User from GA - 07-19
You are right... she shouldn’t feel the need to tell everyone who she is sleeping with/attracted to. No one cares one way or another. The same with any other person regardless of orientation.
The Judge - 07-19
America's finest!
User from WV - 07-19
I would venture to say that she is a democrat 🤔
JamesR68 - 07-19
Sad warped reality
Michael Alumbaugh - 07-19
daze zeei - 07-19
That's what happens when you venture into the world of the demonic and reject the rule of God over your life. You become depraved and sexually immoral.
Steve Porter - 07-19
Y'all noticed this whole homosexuality thing has brought a ton of confusion. These people don't know who heck they are..