No more 'manholes': Berkeley, California, removing all gendered language from city code

NBC News - 07-18


Berkeley, California is doing away with "manholes" — kind of. The city with a long history of progressivism is moving forward with a plan to remove all gendered language from its city code.

Spider Jerusalem: literally why trump is winning again in 2020.

Marc Taquino: I laugh as I sit in my remodeled garage, known as my nonbinary cave...

Bill Dibble: They are ReDickless

Justin H.: This is insanity.

Lonnie Allen: The dispicable socialist agenda is alive and stuipd in communist kalifornia.


User from CA - 07-21
The mayor needs to rename his manhole!
User from CA - 07-19
This is what democrats waste our taxpayers funds and time on? Isn’t there larger problems that need to be fixed? This gender neutral crap is stupid. And they want total control of the presidency and congress? Imagine the destruction they would do.
Jason Gilmore - 07-19
MAN! I can't believe these MANdates! How did they MANage to let it get this far? These people in Commiefornia need to MAN up before it becomes to late for huMAN kind! MAN oh MAN!
Gail Eist - 07-19
manholes - what we have been calling them a@@holes all the time for many years now... this is not new
Richard Morgan - 07-19
how stupid a waste of time and money
sticky - 07-19
so where do the kids go poop
Mike Patterson - 07-19
I'm offended. They need to change the words Men-strate and Men-o-pause
Eric Quesnel - 07-19
No more shit holes anymore or is that there new 🆕 📛 name
Mark Silva - 07-19
Im offended by this article lol. I was raised knowing this as a manhole. im sueing the city of Berkley.
Justin Idjut - 07-19
First it's the "N" word. Now it's the "M" word. Pretty soon we won't have any letters left.
User from CA - 07-19
This extreme liberal sh*t seems to be coming from Northern California. People in So Cal and Central Cal don't seem to care about these types of things. Sounds like the snowflakes in Berkeley have run out of things to complain about. They make the rest of Ca look bad.
User from CA - 07-19
Next thing there will be a man uh woman on the moon, hopefully I’ll be dead by then
User from CA - 07-19
This city is getting to carried away with itself. Thinking like this is where all snowflakes come from.
Dale maga - 07-19
Liberal POS
Mad. C. - 07-19
Crazy liberals
User from CA - 07-19
Tax payers money hard at work good job
User from CA - 07-18
Oh geez can they please remove all warning signs so we can erase stupidity ?
User from CA - 07-18
Waisted money
Jack Hooks - 07-18
Does women hole sound better...😃
Alfredo Quintanilla - 07-18
great is your sin against the most high God northern California he admonishes you to not forget the cascadia subduction zone that in one hour your destruction shall come upon you
User from CA - 07-18
Only in California.
Jimbo Bear - 07-18
I know the difference between .. "HE ..SHE .. IT ",but I still gonna call it for what it is ! So there won't be any mistake, why should I get a TICKET for " FREE SPEECH " ??? I D0N'T NEED ANY " BULL-CRAP " IN MY LIFE !VOTE --- TRUMP / PENCE for 2020 !!!
User from CA - 07-18
No words. Only in Berkeley! How ridiculous.😂
Manuel Sanchez - 07-18
Wow I wish they would of thought of that back when I was in high school gender neutral showers.....!
Joe Gonzales - 07-18
What is so wrong with saying manhole ?? And regardless of what you choose to add take away or hide on your body you’re either a male or a female but whatever 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
ran sidass - 07-18
and if their safe words aren't used? the fact that your going to tell us what we can and can't say goes against reason #1 why America is the best. foh
Marcus G - 07-18
🖕 Berkeley , I hope they get a nice big earthquake next
Joe Iokepa - 07-18
good grief
roxysmama - 07-18
WOW what is happening to California!!!!!!!!
you believe what?! - 07-18
So when Berkeley firefighters learn to connect their hoses together, no more Male and female connectors? Wonder what all inclusive, politically correct vernacular will be used now.