Man charged with murder in death of 2-year-old in Brockton

WCVB - 07-18


BROCKTON, Mass. — A California man was arrested in the 2016 death of a 2-year-old boy in Brockton, officials announced Thursday. Timy Jo Griffin, 24, of Long Beach, California, was indicted on June 28 on charges of murder and reckless endangerment of a child.

User from MA: Black lives matter , lol

Mazikeen Lebron: lets do the same to him to see how he likes it😠😡

Teresa Easton: poor little boy

Timmy McInnis: free muh boi


Alisha Miller - 30 days ago
every child's life matters and every person's life matters!! it's sickening how many children have been killed in the last couple years by their own parents or step parents. I say throw them all on an island surrounded by sharks and let them figure it out! there's no need for our tax dollars to pay for them to sit in a f****** jail cell and eat and live and pee in a toilet they need to rot just the same way that they didn't give a damn about the lives that they took
Sherry Nolette - 30 days ago
sick how any ones can abuse a child no matter how trying they are that is why your the adult your suppose to have self control yet teaching the childchildren respond to the enviorment we place them in they are not lrft with choices we make them for them so if a child is acting out the adult needs to stop and think what have i ex l osed them to is it a cry for help needing attention remember some chidren will tske negstive attention over none so realy gthe problem usnt the child its the psrent snd a 2 yr old omg rip pior little baby gone in such a violent way awful we need to th hink about who we date if theu should be with us around oyr child you have a child that c hmm ild is always a part of the equation
User from MA - 07-19
He looks like a democrap.
Mazikeen Lebron - 07-18
lets do the same to him to see how he likes it😠😡
User from MA - 07-18
Black lives matter , lol
Timmy McInnis - 07-18
free muh boi
Teresa Easton - 07-18
poor little boy