Connecticut man killed when tree branch struck by lightning hits car during storm

ABC News - 07-18


A young man was killed in Connecticut amid stormy weather Wednesday evening when a large tree branch that was struck by lightning fell on his car, authorities said. Jarrod Marotto, 21, was driving along a residential street in Fairfield, Connecticut, when lightning struck a nearby cottonwood tree, causing a large limb to fall and land on the driver's side of Marotto's vehicle, according to the Fairfield Police Department.

Patrice Gorman: God has his own time


Albert Rivera - 07-21
My Condolence to his families and Friends.
User from CT - 07-18
Prayers for his family... very sad and tragic. Too young
Patrice Gorman - 07-18
God has his own time
User from CT - 07-18
So 21 life is suppose to be just starting, my condolences to the family...