Indiana man charged with forcing 12 children to sell candy for him in Kentucky

Boston 25 News - 07-18


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - An Indiana man has been charged with endangering the welfare of children after authorities said he took kids to Kentucky and forced them to sell candy for him.


Randy Goff - 07-18
it's only fair to make em buy their own.... ,start em early
Margarette Dye - 07-18
Teach your kids to just say NO. I dont want my tax dollars to pay for this nonsense .
Marie Hillard - 07-18
He's a Pastor that does alot for the community.
Bryan Mckean - 07-18
what a joke there's no crime would it be a crime if he made them sell lemonade
Edward Estes - 07-18
I would feed the evidence of age and get beer again for dinner tonite
Darren Phillips - 07-18
So what was his crime? Did he kidnap the kids?
ruff - 07-18
Bowling Green keeps it real, local officials...
ruff - 07-18
we pimpin kids now for candy $ bahahaha