Queen Elizabeth Denied Prince Andrew’s Request For Princess Eugenie, Beatrice; Duke Furious

International Business Times - 07-18


Queen Elizabeth II denied Prince Andrew’s request for daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. According to several sources, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite son is Prince Andrew. The Queen didn’t have a close bond with Prince Charles growing up, but her relationship with her second son who was born 10 years after Princess Anne was far better.


Jenn Damron - 14 days ago
LIES LIES AND MORE LIES. They are actually the ones who had wanted to go out into the world and work like a normal person. if they wanted to do royal things like the others then they could, but they wanted a more normal type of life. This was their choices. They arent afraid of being 'overshadowed'. I hate the media sometimes. Making false stories up. Sickening.
Brenda Babb - 23 days ago
dr pimplepopper