Bodies of mother and toddler found in East Anchorage were in apartment for weeks, police say

Anchorage Daily News - 07-17


The two people found dead in a Mountain View apartment last week were a mother and toddler, family members say. Elva Salazar, 36, and 2-year-old Thalia Severance were found dead in their Price Street apartment on Friday, police said.


Kym Noelle Tocci - 07-20
ABSOLUTELY terrible to think they were there that long and NO ONE thought to check in on them?! Woww... what has this world come to. This story breaks my heart. I'd be looking into the "other" Parent in this case!
Robin Rose - 07-19
sad No one missed them.
Sophieoscar Oscar - 07-18
conditions to there family so 😥
User from AK - 07-18
User from AK - 07-18
How sad 😔
Marchon Fraizer - 07-18
awe very sad so sad
Adri Moon - 07-17
User from AK - 07-17
So sad