Dolphin ‘mega pod’ off California coast stuns onlookers, video shows

Fox News - 07-17


A huge pod of dolphins "stampeded" along the coast of California on Sunday, thrilling onlookers lucky enough to witness the rare sight with their acrobatics. Chuck Patterson and his friends were taking their boat out for hydrofoil surfing when the dolphins appeared in the waters off Laguna Beach. The pod began following in their wake and surrounded the vessel. The dolphins swam alongside and leaped out of the water as they raced alongside the boat.


User from CA - 07-18
Am I the only one who thinks that something might be wrong and these dolphins are reacting to some kind of threat? Environmental? Military? Pollution?
Cathie Christie Littman - 07-17
I THINK WE SAW THIS!! HAD WE THOUGHT ABOUT IT, we could gave gone out on the Oside pier.!!