Mom Arrested After Sharing Video of Daughter Licking Tongue Depressor and Putting It Back: ‘I Wasn’t Thinking’

Dearly - 07-17


Cori Ward says she didn’t think about what she was doing when she shared the video. She was only trying to be funny. As News4Jax reports, the 30-year-old mom from Jacksonville, Florida, was waiting to see the doctor at the All About Kids & Families Medical Center. It was then that Ward filmed a video of her young daughter licking a tongue depressor in the doctor’s office, then putting it back with the others.

Elaine Rodriguez: she's just sorry for being arrested! she thought it was funny! I don't think it is a joke!

T J: smh. She's 30 she knew better.

Jim Klinger: She knew what she was doing, I don't buy her bullshit story for one minute.

fuck your feelings: in jail and kids taken away. LMFAO 😂

Cotton Candiee: she knew better... just didnt care about the health of other sick little babies... .maybe her jailmate wont care to be nice 👊


User from OK - 15 days ago
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Cynthia Elliott - 17 days ago
Sure she doesn't scroll social media.. Sure she didn't know it was a challenge.....Why do I feel that someone should check her house for tide pods too...
D3111E - 18 days ago
That is nasty.
Savanah Madrid - 19 days ago
that's no joke that's gross come on ppl you should all know better
Jon Rife - 19 days ago
another horrible parent who shouldnt be a parent !
LaCher Ware - 20 days ago
wow the things we are teaching our kids
Sandra Craig - 20 days ago
mom shame on you...thas ur daughter how can you y nasty...
Adonis Duque - 22 days ago
deport those nasty americans
Tai AllDay - 24 days ago
that's nasty and now maybe someone will make them in individual wrappers
User from MN - 25 days ago
She didn’t think someone else might post it? People just don’t realize that when you send something out in social media you have no idea how far it will spread.
Gary Hoffman - 25 days ago
What a lier. A licking challenge being silly with my kids. Lady your busted.
Maria E Leon - 25 days ago
wow what a loser parent kids should be taken away what mother in their right mind would do this what moralsare you teaching your kids u should be arrested and the kids taken
Lisa Sinclair - 26 days ago
Does anyone remember " The Scarlet Letter"? Maybe instead of putting her in our already overcrowded prisons , they make her walk around with a big sign, telling everyone what she had done. Make her responsible for her crime, and the laughing stock of her neighbors and co-workers.
Dan Kidd - 26 days ago
serves her right
Donald Maese - 26 days ago
oh the govt. separated her from her kids.........the kid should get in trouble also. consciences
Richard Hollifield - 26 days ago
I hadn't heard about any ice cream licking challenge.. Isn't it possible she hadn't either ?
Vickie Black - 26 days ago
Jay Sizzle I agree with you
Jay Dizzle - 26 days ago
the ice cream licking girl facing 20 years.. I think they both should share a cell
User from LA - 27 days ago
Oh, she knew what she was doing wrong, but she wanted her 15 minute of fame. So she deserves what she gets.
Debra Bond - 28 days ago
Exactly what makes people do dumb as shitch, are you depressed or evan miserable you've got to know it was wrong dame! Sometimes when I hear dumb shitch like this I just want to pack my closes and leave the united states period.
Isela Segovia - 29 days ago
irresponsible mother teaching her daughter wrong stuff. Now she's paying consequences of her stupidity in Jail 😤
Sheila Butterly - 29 days ago
Some women shouldn't breed!!
Serry Wiltz - 30 days ago
she knew what she was doing And her bail is too low and because of that she will only receive a slap on the hand how sad
Constance Linear - 07-24
sorry u got caught... she knew about the challenge
Jo Radze - 07-23
stupid excuse "thought it was funny"!!!! We'll see how funny it is when they throw her into a prison cell!!!!
User from MO - 07-23
She new what she was doing....she said so at the time! She also said she told her daughter to do it because Dr was late for appt.
Yvette Freeman - 07-22
So she claims she just wasn't thinking, well being a mom requires thinking so you don't qualify!
Donna Lucas - 07-21
And not one day less than 20 years. CPS should remove the child from her care. The woman's morals and values are at the bottom of the ocean...and that's where whale crap is.
User from MN - 07-21
Debbie Luck - 07-21
she's sorry she got caught. what mother in her right mind puts her young daughters face on public media no matter what she's doing.