Blac Chyna Posts Heartfelt Message Alongside Pictures With Kids, Shades Mother Tokyo Toni - 07-17


At this point, it seems as though the details of Blac Chyna and her mother, Tokyo Toni's relationship, are even more known than what it is exactly Chyna herself does. With Chyna announcing her reality show, The Real Blac Chyna back in May, fans readied themselves for the on-screen confrontation of the century, but few could've guessed just how explosive things would get. The duo's strained relationship unraveled in real-time for reality television viewers on The Real Blac Chyna, and if you thought that a couple of heated exxchanges on social media would prepare you for the madness that would take place you were wrong, as their argument even became so intense, that a shoving match ensued and items were thrown around Chyna's home. In an absolutely bizarre confessional addressing the incident, Tokyo casually said "“I don’t care what your mother did to you, I don’t care if she sold your p***y to an army…you still better respect your mama.” Uhm....


Vanessa Cummings - 07-19
This child is not mix ? She just high yellow ? 🤔😒 yes she is the same Color is her boy ? Remember blackchny did chest ing on rob ? Our for got that ? This 2 year a age ? Look at this ? 🤔😒