Report Finds California Government IT Security Flaws

NBC San Diego - 07-17


California's state auditor raised alarms Tuesday about information security in some state offices and called for additional oversight and regular assessments. The report from Auditor Elaine Howle comes amid scrutiny of how companies and governments alike handle the data of customers and citizens and as governments grapple with the threat of hackers who might steal information or shut down computer systems.


you'retwofaced - 07-17
i have a case against them rt now and what did they say. they were misrepresent and want more time. shits been going on for years now. they are currupt to the bone. they dont care if you die or have been mistreated they dont want to do a damn thing for you but shure as heck expect you to pay everything they ask or say to do and they continue to rob you every way they can