19 MS-13 gang members indicted in 'medieval-style' California slayings were in country illegally, officials say

Fox News - 07-17


Nearly all of the members and associates of an MS-13 gang charged in the “medieval-style” slayings of seven people in California were in the country illegally, officials said.

sticky: deport all Dems and build the wall. lock and load

Chowder: Thank you Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the libtards for letting this garbage into our country. I suggest, since killing them isn't something you would allow their sentence be carried out at your home, then at least when they kill your useless ass we will no longer have you corruption to drag us down.

User from MT: These are the criminal illegal aliens that the Democrats want in the USA. JUST ANOTHER REASON TO NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT AGAIN.

Skip Richards: build that wall!!!

Ugly Truth: California needs to remove the bear as there symbol on flag and replace it with a illegal gang member since it is know the protected animal of choice come on 9.9 earth quake


J S - 07-18
This is the culture Libs want to import in mass
User from NJ - 07-18
This is why the wall should be built. Trump is trying to deport criminals and keep them from entering our country. But the Dems are against it!!
User from CA - 07-18
Well California is a sanctuary state, protecting those criminals.
I am an asshole - 07-18
I just thought of a question. is an illegal immigrant which is also on the MS-13 gang member shoots an American citizen without insurance what does American citizen do. The MS-13 gang member however has free medical
I am an asshole - 07-18
Nancy pelosi should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting
User from CA - 07-18
Nuestra famila laughs
User from CA - 07-18
Make the surenos and ms 13 fight each other the bursted familia looks at them and laughs
Lisa Smith - 07-18
And they want to disarm us and take our guns ? Sorry I’m keeping my guns !!
Never Quit - 07-18
As usual, Trump was right.
Mer Cal - 07-18
Tino Lucero - 07-18
the Democratic party until something happens one of their family members. from somebody who is illegal
User from FL - 07-18
Drop them at Pelosi’s crib.
Gregory Bonds - 07-18
Really ?
John Tavares - 07-18
beat him like a pinata
Maxemista - 07-18
Nancy pelosi's children
The Cleaner - 07-18
entered the country illegally, and the Muslim idiot Congress woman wants to destroy homeland security
Shelly Starner - 07-18
don't deport them, terminate them...
Hrothgar 666 - 07-18
the dems are gunna be pissed, 19 less votes
Mike Vershinin - 07-18
what a surprise illegals
Agape1 Cordova - 07-18
in other NEWS; THE EARTH IS FLAT!!!🤨🤗😁😆
Red Clark - 07-18
I am sure the lame o crats said they were just nice boys looking to escape from El Salvador
Isabella Beaver - 07-18
They should take them to Pelosis mansion, since she got offended when President Trump called them animals, they are uneducated, most illegals and raised in the streets!
Robert Kurth - 07-18
build a wall for goodness sake
Adolf Schickelgruber - 07-18
Now we have to support them for the rest of their lives in prison.
blacks need to go - 07-18
and now these illegal gang members get free health insurance courtesy of the tax payers. LOL
User from PA - 07-18
There’s ur sign. Keep letting Pelosi let the illegals in ur state Deal with the mess she started
Adolf Schickelgruber - 07-18
Of course they were illegals.
Marlon Gonzales - 07-18
who cares
User from CA - 07-18
How about we just sentence illegal aliens that are caught for heinous crimes to automatic death. Why should the tax payer foot the bill for these wetbacks to live comfortably in a state penitentiary?
Augustine De La O - 07-18
Yeah deport allllll KKK TOO.They do worst crimes TOO.