Wendy Williams Rocks White Daisy Dukes Ahead Of Her 55th Birthday — See Incredible Pics

Hollywood Life - 07-17


Wendy Williams is living her best life! She showed off her long legs in white shorts while greeting fans outside her show studios in New York on July 17! The host has never looked better ahead of her 55th birthday on Thursday!

Beth Mcgill: I know she didn't. The most fucked up figure in the universe.

james smith: shes not allowed to use the term Daisy Dukes it's too southern like the rebel flag

Bob Simpson: those aren't daisy dukes and your no daisy.....

Penny Dunbar-Joseph: Looking great Wendy. Ignore those haters. Jealousy destroys. How they wished they looked so good at your age.

juanita english: Ugly


Dennis Burns - 11 days ago
Her legs still look like wet cigarettes, lol.
Threllis Hall - 28 days ago
a hot messs
Paul Buck - 07-19
more like a buffarilla
Paul Buck - 07-19
fat ole piggy
James Franklin - 07-19
No Wendy, we love you but it's time out for those kind of shorts.
User from KS - 07-19
She needs to stop. Looks terrible.
Pete Hernandez - 07-18
ken kainz - 07-18
she don't look like no Daisy
Jeff Thompson - 07-18
with her weave on!
James Ross - 07-18
who is Wendy Williams?
Robert Hull - 07-18
happy 55th birthday 💯 you still look great 💯🙃
User from VA - 07-18
You look great , haters will be hates
MAGOO784 - 07-18
Is that Rupaul ? 🤪
Tammi Cline - 07-17
Regardless haters, she looks great!!! Good gosh! Stop the hate already!!! and "you" wanna talk about the shit people should or shouldnt teach their kids about??? Really??
Luke Garcia - 07-17
I still think she’s a he. Ugh....
Arlene Manzo - 07-17
if you all don't have anything nice to say then you shouldn't say anything!! Didn't your mothers ever tell you that!!!!!
rod runner be be - 07-17
Wendy. People in America hate😈👿👹👺💀☠ Jesus Christ and still be in💒💒every Sunday. Do you. People with hate👺👹👿😈that all they knows. Than they pass it on to the childrens. Do YOU. You do have some nice🍉🍉😀
User from NY - 07-17
Nasty......... but looks good for a man.
User from MA - 07-17
What the hells all over her legs ring worm or something
Jeff B - 07-17
Wendell honey, pls cover all dat up...🤢
John Flowers - 07-17
Lord wear clothes sir
Twila King - 07-17
Red State Liberal - 07-17
Put it away, gramma.
Prince Obi Chukwu - 07-17
Where is the picture? These kind of pictures makes my heart happy!
Robbie Bendel - 07-17
Walter is still a CRACK HEAD ! How you doing WALTER !! Haha
Penny Dunbar-Joseph - 07-17
Looking great Wendy. Ignore those haters. Jealousy destroys. How they wished they looked so good at your age.
Nji Seidou - 07-17
you're scaring the children manthing lol
Barbara Martin - 07-17
This thang is looking a hot mess 😂
David Candelas Sr. - 07-17
John Clark - 07-17
Wendy is a TRANNY everyone knows