Bond Reduction, Continuance requested in Bynum case - 07-17


A Brief in Support of Bond Reduction was filed on Friday, July 12 in the Scott County Circuit Clerk’s office for James N. Bynum. As Bynum awaits for trial, the brief stated that the $75,000 bond set by the court was triple the amount of the $25,000 bond set prior to his first trial and has been incarcerated now for almost four years. Since the remand, Bynum has been hospitalized due to his heart functioning at 15% of normal with a double pacemaker and defibulator which easily malfunctions. The brief also states that Bynum was not a flight risk and is a longstanding resident who seeks to clear his name from these charges. “Reinstating his prior bond of $25,000 and allowing him to remain on that bond is the proper and just solution. The current bond makes it impossible for the defendant to participate fully in his defense effort, since he cannot afford to post the bond,” stated defense attorney, Shannon Foster.