Why You Should Never Wait Too Long to Visit Your Own Town’s Natural Wonders

bbagwell89 - 07-16


(Photo provided by courtesy of the Amador Council of Tourism)

(Volcano, CA) Sad news was delivered on Monday via Facebook about one of Amador Counties popular attractions. After 80 years, the Ryan family announced that they were closing Daffodil Hill indefinitely. The reason behind the family’s decision was because of the ever-growing popularity and the inability to regulate the traffic and parking for the Hill’s visitors.

It is was no surprise that every spring the bloom of the daffodils brought thousands of visitors. The Hill was considered a gem, hidden amidst the mountain. Several people who left reviews on the Facebook page from previous visits commented that the area was ‘beautiful’, ‘well-tended’, and ‘the perfect place for a picnic.’

After living in Amador County for more than 15 years, this was one of the areas I’d heard about the most. The beauty of it was talked about often by the locals. It was a place that my family and I had meant to visit, but never got around to. Unfortunately, the main reason we didn’t was because of how busy the Hill always seemed to be. Although we never lived in Volcano, we were familiar with the narrow, winding roads enough to understand that the traffic was not a pleasant thing to endure in the small town.

It’s easy to think that there’s time to explore these special monuments when they are so close to home. Upon learning that Daffodil Hill was no longer going to be open to the public, there was an immediate sense of loss and the feeling of having missed an opportunity. The splendid scenery of the area is now only going to be known by the family who took care of the Hill, and those who made the trip to visit it.

If you know of a special place near you that you have not yet taken the time to explore, you might want to consider doing it sooner rather than later. It may seem like there’s ample time to, but, just like I found out, you must make the time before you find out you no longer have the opportunity.


Benjamin Matthew Rader - 07-17
Been there and it was really cool