Newark Cop 'Blacked Out' Before Killing Estranged Wife and Shooting Her Boyfriend, Affidavit Reveals

NBC New York - 07-16


A New Jersey police officer says he "blacked out" when he learned his estranged wife had a boyfriend in her bedroom — before he fatally shot her and shooting the other man multiple times, a court affidavit revealed.


Danny Greg - 07-19
you have it all planned out should contact his lawyer
A.R. Shabazz - 07-17
Already setting up his crime of passion Defense, temporary insanity. He came to the home to dropoff the glasses (alleging he didn't jus show up in anger: not premeditated that'll throw the murder cts out of question) hearing or suspecting the male in the house likely having sex with his wife and with his kids nearby he had a period he blacked out. here's got money, the union will likely provide or help with lawyers. they'll pick like minded jurors. He'll be played as the victim concerned with his children. he's a decorated cop despite whatever the suspension is about(that may not even be admissable), he didn't really flee. prosecutor may even know the guy. postpones the trial til it all does out of the news. jury will be advised of the ability to convict on lesser charges. they come back either not guilty by insanity or manslaughter. sentimental judge he gets a relatively light sentence in mid-state. a medium to minimum facility in Burlington county on ft.Dix.