City of Green embraces the benefits of roundabouts, but not everyone is on board

WKYC - 07-16


The city of Green is in the middle of building its latest roundabout with plans to build about six more within five years. “We have plenty of intersections that have a lot of traffic,” said Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer. “ People have been asking us for years to relieve the traffic.”


Spanet Po - 27 days ago
I really don’t understand how it cuts down on accidents when the streets are going every which way and you better know the area already because if you end up in a lane that turns off, there is no time to switch lanes so you end up somewhere you don’t want to be! I don’t understand the yield signs. Seems to me the lane that is not in a roundabout should not have to yield but they do. People in the roundabout don’t stop. Just crazy! I was behind a semi the other day and they had very little space to maneuver around those curves.