Indiana man charged with labor trafficking 12 minors in Kentucky

22 WSBT - 07-16


FRANKFORT, Ky. — An Indiana man has been charged in a multi-agency labor trafficking investigation. According to the release, 54-year-old Shawn Floyd of Indianapolis was charged with 12 counts of endangering the welfare of a minor and one count of controlled substance prescription.


Brian Stone - 07-17
but sounds to me like he no diff then a traveling ball coach renting one two rooms for whole team to sleep in
Brian Stone - 07-17
reading the comments they say the parents gave permission and he worked with the youth... so I'm guessing they was driving down there to sell candy bars for whatever they was doing. the kids was most likely made to use the money their parents gave them for the trip to buy their food and drinks. they all stayed in same hotel room cause it's cheaper to do that rather then rent a ton of rooms. mean if that's a crime ever parent from beginning of time needs locked up that's ever taken their kids and kids friends on a trip cause I bet those kids used their money to buy food and drinks plus doubtful there was a bunch rooms rented to sleep in. you all went in slept 3 or 4 to a bed or in floor it didnt matter. now if he doing things to these kids or their out her digging ditches and parents didnt know he took them then bury ass
Gail Stancombe - 07-17
did he kidnap these kids or did their parents let them go ?
User from IN - 07-16
False information he do a lot for the youth and they parents gave permission
CDA4ever - 07-16
see, should I say more