Maximum murder sentence in shooting outside Notre Dame boathouse in South Bend

South Bend Tribune - 07-16


SOUTH BEND — A man received the maximum sentence for murder Tuesday for the fatal shooting outside the Notre Dame boathouse. Elbert Briggs, 24, was sentenced to 65 years for the murder of Eric Phillips, 37. Phillips was found shot to death in the parking lot of the McConnell Family Boathouse on Northside Boulevard on June 23 of last year.


Mark Pedzinski - 07-16
damn! wouldn't he be rehabilitated after 20 years? 65 is like 40 after good time, time cuts! so many murders I did time with! one, I've got know, I guess he did 25 off of 45, messed up some good time, received no time cuts! back before state law changed! state law revamped, so state could take advantage of federal money, for level 5 and more serious felonies! instead of having 5 level felonies, now they have 7! who pays $40k, a year to keep them caged? I mean seriously! considering welfare depend person is needing 10k yearly assistance! idk... cost too much just to survive my ownself then to worry about my hard worked tax dollars