3 Zodiac Signs Who Don’t Like Talking About Their Feelings In Relationships, So Have Patience

Elite Daily - 07-16


When you think about the various zodiac signs, there are likely a few adjectives that spring to mind. Aries is adventurous, Virgo is a perfectionist, Pisces are dreamers. But what about how outwardly emotional the signs are? There are likely a few that immediately come to mind because they are so open about how they are feeling, and a few that you think of instantly because they aren't. That's especially true if you happen to have dated any of the zodiac signs who don’t like talking about their feelings of if you yourself prefer to play things a little closer to vest when it comes to your more tender emotions. Now, that's not to say they don't feel them or have the same depth of emotion that, say, a Cancer does. Just that, for various reasons, they need more time to open up or to simply process what it is that they are feeling, because, let's be honest, emotions are complicated things.