Alabama Rapper Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Get Rid of $250K Worth of Meth

Complex - 07-16


An Alabama rapper was arrested in Atlanta after allegedly throwing $250,000 worth of methamphetamine off an apartment balcony. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, drug and gang agents were executing a search warrant at an Atlanta residence last week when 37-year-old Kelvin James Dark threw close to six kilos of meth out of the apartment's high rise window. After sweeping the interior, the police safely recovered the drugs from a nearby street. Per the Associated Press, the GBI was investigating the rapper—who goes by the name "K Digga" and "Mr. Alabama"—for his alleged involvement in a drug-smuggling ring. Authorities claim that Dark aided in transporting contraband on domestic and international flights.

jeffry: everybody is a rapper these days, just means unemployed


Down South Fishing - 07-17
ok and Jeffrey u cant even count to 250k much less have that much worth of meth laying around lmfao
Ashley Braden - 07-17
Not necessarily it means they have more talents than others
jeffry - 07-17
everybody is a rapper these days, just means unemployed