Lowry’s Family Restaurant | Behind the Food

aboutstark.com - 07-16


A Q&A with Melissa White of Lowry’s Family Restaurant. In a small town like East Canton, a local restaurant can be a social hub as well as an eatery. Lowry’s Family Restaurant, open since October 2015 at 800 Nassau Street W, draws a lively crowd of locals. Here, manager Melissa White talks about its food and fans.


3406 - 07-17
yes I would like to know too,I live close to it, have had fish on Friday nights it is good,
Kristine Proctor Edwards - 07-16
who's the guy that beats n eats your burger challenge?
Dianna Koch - 07-16
I’ve been to Lowry’s many times and the food and services are very good. Owner Brian is the sweetest and always aims to please.