Business leaders react to Hard Rock Casino Gary: 'It's going to be huge'

Kokomo Perspective - 07-16


GARY — Business leaders representing Lake County's casino cities agree the "Hard Rock" branding for the new, land-based Gary casino is big win for the Steel City and Northwest Indiana.


Lafayette Macker - 30 days ago
Look forward to a new casino in Gary. To bring Gary back to life.
User from IN - 07-17
Location, location, location. Who in their right mind!!! 🤨
Myrna Taylor - 07-16
WHAT the hell do we need another Casino for. WE DIDN'T USE THE MONEY RIGHT FROM THE ONE WE HAVE NOW
Thomas G Bailey - 07-16
they have wasted so much money from tax payers and money from Indianapolis what do they have to show for the money heck look at the school system its totally a mess run by dumb money hungry people who waste money
Thomas G Bailey - 07-16
people its Gary Indiana politics will screw things up where is all the money they got from Indianapolis went city is terrible and miss manage look at the money put into the airport its useless look at streets and downtown boarded up buildings and crime Gary Indiana will never resurrect like it was in the fifties and sixties never