Elderly Florida Man Repeatedly Stabs, Kills Landlord as Witness Looks on in Horror: 'I Couldn't Fathom That it Was a Stabbing'

Newsweek - 07-16


A landlord has died after being repeatedly stabbed by one of his elderly tenants during an argument at an apartment building in south Florida. The victim has been named as 68-year-old Humberto Soriano Prieto by the Las Presena newspaper, which is based in his country of origin, Honduras.

Conservative citizen: No rent increase from THAT landlord.


Wade Johnson - 07-16
why isn't that raid on here with them crooked ass cops doctors and lawyers
Walter Johnson - 07-16
o o oobboo o oobo o o oo ok
Conservative citizen - 07-16
No rent increase from THAT landlord.