School District in Virginia Gets Rid Of Its Old Dress Code And Adopts Unisex Uniforms

Bored Panda - 07-16


One school district in Virginia has grown tired of arguments about uniforms and decided to break student dress code norms that some think are unfairly strict on girls. The public schools in Roanoke County introduced a single gender-neutral uniform for all of its students for the 2019-2020 school year.

User from VA: Give them all uniform Norton


True American Rebel - 07-16
everybody's different in school school is not the army be yourself
Barbara Leftwich - 07-16
All school needs a dress code
User from VA - 07-16
Give them all uniform Norton
ma ca - 07-16
discipline DISCIPLINE
User from VA - 07-16
Lgbt sure has power of the education system. Pretty soon you won’t tell the genders apart. My vote would be no. The schools seem to think they own our children now. 😡
James Nations - 07-16
invasion of her right to free speech this should not have been done by them. this is also falsifying a document. and known as a forgery send them to jail
Connie Jennings - 07-16
Uniforms work good. Uniform dresses and skirts are to short. They bend over you can see an eclipse if you know what I mean.
Barbara Holland - 07-16
Just do away with All rules and Laws. Morals are already gone and respect. So let the kids rule the roost and have their way. Great way to teach kids just let them go to school half naked.