Florida Man Abandons Naked Wife at Side of Road Then Torches Her Car, Deputies Say

Newsweek - 07-16


A Florida man was arrested Saturday after leaving his naked wife at the side of a highway following a beach trip—then setting her car on fire, police say. Donald Allen Moran, 55, of Pensacola, was booked by deputies from Escambia County Sheriff's Office at roughly 10:10 p.m. on charges of battery and arson, jail records show. He is also accused of targeting another man after starting the blaze, allegedly slapping him on the face.

User from FL: That dude has definitely been out in the sun too long.😳

Brenda Rivas: lol. welcome to Florida the craziest state in the world

mike alayli: Jesus if u coming soon can u tweet something from heaven we need u

David Spencer: Only in the Sunshine State.

Deanna_00 Howard: Read further into the story the man was CONVICTED of sexual battery with a person under the age of 12 in 1986. He's a frustrated man if he has to be with a legal age woman/ person.


Adolf Schickelgruber - 07-17
He looks 70 years old.
Arlyn Arroyo - 07-17
User from FL - 07-17
I b undrstand litle lali
User from FL - 07-17
Exhale kid ur turning red
User from FL - 07-16
Clara Macginnis - 07-16
I’m sorry this man looks like he’s not right
Joanne Roedema Biggar - 07-16
Alcohol & sun!! Probably high blood pressure now, too!!
User from FL - 07-16
Bon Scott - 07-16
dirtbag Thug
Conservative citizen - 07-16
I guess she REALLY didn't listen...
phill riley - 07-16
didn't he burn his own car? Then how is that a crime?
sheri w - 07-16
drunk much??
Mari Somers - 07-16
Only 25,000 bond? Thank God someone driving by and actually helped, or seems like wife would of been in danger at one point.No reasonable explanations why.That is scary .
Andre' Vanderpoole - 07-16
no pics?!! 👎
Armando - 07-16
Crazy script....even for a movie!!
Victor Martinez - 07-16
He is only 55!!? Looks like a 100. Better start going to AA.
Willy Willis - 07-16
His Pimp hand is strong....he treats his biatches like biatches.....😁
Michelle Rubin - 07-16
From the looks of him I'm so glad they didn't post a picture of her by the side of the road
Bruce Hooks - 07-16
User from FL - 07-16
That car is on fire🎶🤣
David Cienfuegos - 07-16
holy sheeet, its Walter white!!!!
Josh B - 07-16
my hero haha
Facebook - 07-16
She better count her lucky stars she made it out alive to tell about it. Could have ended way worst for here.
Under God - 07-16
God have mercy on the revelation life to come SAD sick
Gilbert Chris - 07-16
nice guy.... POS
User from FL - 07-16
Only on east side. West and rest is brutal
Jo Griesheimer - 07-16
David Gross - 07-16
should not of been out in he first place.under 12 come on.life
Sandy Brinck Chasse - 07-16
Well it is a full moon and a partial eclipse AND the planet mercury is in retrograde!!
Broderick Brown - 07-16
Shame on you, why would you leave your spouse on the side of the road?