Say What Now? Mother Arrested for Forcing Her Daughter to Live With Her Grandmother's Corpse for Three Years - 07-16


Delissa Crayton has been arrested after authorities discovered that she and her teenage daughter had been living with her mother’s rotting corpse for three years. CBS News Dallas reported that Delissa, 47, of Seguin was charged with injury to a child by omission on Wednesday, July 10. Police believe living with the body inside the two-bedroom home caused “serious mental deficiency, impairment or injury” to her daughter.

Angela Efferson: this story doesn't spund right , the child is now living with family members, so ur saying for 3 yrs the family members never seen them , went over their home, was the girl going to school and when she did goto school she would have had the smell of death on her , in her clothing , the story is "B.S " peace Israel one love 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Ellen Hammock: These People In This World Are Very Very Very very Sick 😷😢💔

Ellen Hammock: Mental Health Is Very Serious

Tom Lovis: can't be guilty, she's black! where the hell is Jessie Jackson? 🤗

Roxanne Zimmerman McGowan: simple., they need that Check to continue


Sandman Voelker - 8 days ago
Those blk folks are a weird race..
Brent Thunem - 11 days ago
Fake news.
Sandra Maciejeski - 11 days ago
once again I think they only report things that they want to like the shooting in El Paso Texas 22 dead what about the shooting in Chicago not one word what do you all think of that
Sandra Maciejeski - 11 days ago
I totally believe that a lot of these stories are BS a lot of bored reporter's
Barbara Lockett - 11 days ago
wow on all these stories
User from DE - 12 days ago
It was all about the money...
Sanuel Hilliard - 13 days ago
This can't be true! So nobody reported the grandma missing after not seeing her? Did the child go to school cause I know she had to smell living with a dead body 3yrs. Where was the family at before the mom got busted or they didn't visit or call prior. This story is baffling to me. SMH...🤔
Robbin Amick - 13 days ago
Louis Smith - 13 days ago
Grandma stinks but her checks smell good
Trenisha Williams - 16 days ago
Surely do need all the cash I can get TF....
User from CA - 17 days ago
There’s more crazy people out there than we think. Amazes me what people do with their kids . I hope your daughter gets someone special in my life to raise her and love her.
Reva - 17 days ago
Kathy Gutillo - 17 days ago
doesn't make sense to me
life time - 17 days ago
I wouldn't have been staying there woman was sick
Optik Nurv (Espanto) - 20 days ago
what ain't no country I ever heard of. do they speak english in what?
Oneida Lottie - 20 days ago
What are they charging the mother with?
Oaks Hall - 20 days ago
You know why, I bet she had checks coming that always happen
Felicia Rounds - 21 days ago
She has got to be a Sick Individual!! Why would you treat YOUR OWN Mother like that. She needs to di ALL 30 YEARS WITHOUT A POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE! 🙏 for her daughter's State of Mind she will need So much Mental Counseling after living 3 Years with a Corpse
Sandra Combs - 21 days ago
put the girls mother in jail for the full 20 years or more.
Mkx5 - 21 days ago
I wonder did she have a nervous break down or something.. I can't imagine anyone doing that due to the smell. I am surprised the neighbors didn't recognize the odor.
Reycardo Johnson - 21 days ago
That's soooooo sad str8 up
Joey Bosco - 21 days ago
hold up......hold up.....wait ......3 years and not one person in the family said.......hey where's grandma. ......she obviously didn't say she died.....nobody smelled the rotten smell on the kids clothes
George Weissmam - 21 days ago
classic case of this is your brain on drugs.... any questions
User from WA - 22 days ago
That one ugly mug on that sicko gash.
Tammy Hendrix - 22 days ago
very very sick
Homer Osborne - 22 days ago
Debra Bond - 22 days ago
That's just sick, she must be sick in the head if I was her daughter I would ran away and never go back to see that sick bitch again wow!
Kim Crews - 22 days ago
fake story
Laura W - 23 days ago
Mini Velez - 23 days ago
wow thats a mentally sick person glad u got arrested