What would happen if Donald and Melania Trump got a divorce?

Laredo Morning Times - 07-15


First couples face extreme scrutiny and are often surrounded by rumors about their personal lives, which likely makes marriage at the White House rather stressful. However, no president and first lady have ever divorced during the president's term, meaning any divorce would be uncharted waters.

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User from MA: He would send her back

Shirley Knox: hope they stay together easier to keep track of the vermin that way


User from GA - 6 days ago
But h
Shirley Knox - 8 days ago
hope they stay together easier to keep track of the vermin that way
Mary R Tyler - 12 days ago
are you kidding! I guess nothing to do but destroy our President. KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
Gregory Cole - 14 days ago
She would be smart
User from IL - 16 days ago
People get a life
Char Lee - 16 days ago
She’d get a lot more respect.
User from MA - 18 days ago
He would send her back
Carter Moore - 18 days ago
what would happen if you reported real news not this 3rd grade Demshit stuff
Andrew Hampton - 29 days ago
Chumps got a side girl friend. Divorce and cheating is what he does best
Barb Soto - 29 days ago
who cares. they are as human as any other couple who divorced. instead of asking this question, how about asking where bill Clinton is. I have not seen him scense Hillery was running and lost. that was back in 2016. 3 years ago scense bill was seen in public, or seen on national TV. or did Hillery shut him up.
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Garbage article