Animal ordinance changes move forward in Spartanburg County - 07-16


SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – It was an impassioned Spartanburg County Council meeting Monday over proposed changes to the animal ordinance. “Animals can’t help themselves but they are worth it,” 10-year-old Sam Gregory said.


Wanda Tucker Dowis - 07-18
my friend has a neighbor that has a dog chained in their yard that has no shade can't reach its water (don't know if has food) and it cries day and night. can't even sit on her deck due to this poor dog because of its conditions and crying. Animal control has been called several times and never has anything been done. Very very sad!!
Bobbie Pyle - 07-16
I wish the council would have passed a law about people letting their dog's do their business in OTHER PEOPLE'S yard.