Woman's topless photo bomb ruins family's Texas state park trip

ABC13 Houston - 07-16


CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- What was supposed to be a family memory to be cherished forever has now been tainted, a Cypress mother says. "(You see her) boob, nipple, everything," Monica Davila said.

Laura Rogers: It costs $0 to be a decent human being. If you see someone with a camera, they are likely about to take a picture if they're facing someone, or a group of people. You don't need to be in someone else's picture if they didn't invite you. However, I do forget that some people were not raised to be respectful of others.

Angel Washington: I get it was distasteful but I'd doubt the police will find the girl and its furthermore a reach to say that ruined your trip, it can always be cropped out.

Leslie Delafuente: men get charged for exposing themselves infront of children...why aren't women?

User from TX: Indecent exposure. Sex crime. She should have to register. It happens to men

Tyler Dutt DC: cus you cant just crop the picture...


Eileen Mckissick - 07-17
photoshop.... duh
annie hernandez - 07-17
how was the family trip ruined, if you didnt see the photos until after u got home? i swear! childish behavior by a so called adult!
User from TX - 07-17
User from TX - 07-17
Wouldn't it be "photo-boobed"?
DrAudrey Whitright - 07-17
trip ruined? hardly. just use photoshop to remove her, grow up.
Holly Daniel - 07-16
look at it like this....with taking pics especially out in the public you never know what's going to happen. no one can control other's & only YOU can try to control yourself when you walk out your front door. there are stupid, rude, inconsiderate, mindless dumbass' out in this world so, this lady has no manners or whatever, however, this situation coukd have been a lot worse. try to see the humor in it b/c it's not the end of the world.
Martha Garcia - 07-16
ok I see ALOT of fkn comments bashing dis woman who clearly is mad bout da whole situation BUT think about it... if it was a male wit his fkn dick on dat pik OMG da comments wud b soooo different!! 😡😡 ppl hve to RESPECT fkn dis world is already fkd up to be letting shit like dis as "natural" as many ppl may see it IT'S NOT!! dat wasn't ppl she KNEW n she did dis shit besides der was kids n I'd be dammed if sum bitch gne b doin dis shit around my kids or family!! like I seen a few comments she EXPOSED herself so yes she SHUD be held accountable da same way a male wud if he had exposed his privates!! der shud be some kind action dat can b tkn against dis woman idk care wat others say IT'S WRONG!!! 😡😡😡
beans - 07-16
Chad LeDoux - 07-16
crop her out and quit with the dramatics like it ruined the whole trip . that's being pathetic and so overly sensitive. sure it's wrong but to act as if it ruined the whole trip when you didn't even know she did it till later is being a drama queen. suck it up , not literally
Lex Harmony Gomez - 07-16
crop it please
Melina Payne Baker - 07-16
that's frkn funny as he**! what a brat!! ...youngsters... ok mom it's alil frustrating but come on... crop and move on..
Troy K. - 07-16
Awwwwwww poor Mexican family got titty bombed
Kim Kolhagen - 07-16
WOW, It ruined your whole vacation. now that's sad! Tasteless and rude yes! Inappropriate...certainly!!! BUT crimanal... please. Dont be a victim!!!
Victor Carbajal - 07-16
yeah! if a men shows his private parts he is a sex offender,go to jail and he must register as sex offender why she is not arrested,or put her picture on the TV news like univision or in the others channels and why the the police in not acting? she must be arrested and press charges of indecency with a minors, privacy invasion,and exposure her private parts? Uuuuuuu!! I'm sorry she is white!! and they allowed to do anything( I say) if this do not apply to you forgivme
Victor Carbajal - 07-16
our society has lost the principles,the values,the respect,the decency definitely they need Jesus,sick persons!!
Johnnie Mac - 07-16
Dam It Man !😊👍😍🔥
Randy Bucher - 07-16
Disrespectful yes, but as far as it going viral to embarrass her, she wouldn't have done it if she was going to be embarrassed. That's not the first time for her.
Cindy Simpson - 07-16
just be irritated at the poor decision she made & crop her out. There's ample room to do just that without affecting the picture
Gwen Everett - 07-16
so sad she should have been ashame of her self
Robin Hill - 07-16
should have had her face showing. She wanted to be seen, so her face should have been visible so her family and friends could see what kind of a person she really is. One with no conscious or morality. It also puts a shameful reflection on her parents and the portrayal of the way she was raised.
Adam Muirhead - 07-16
kids see worse stuff on TV but parents are cool with that
BS8127 - 07-16
is there a way we can get a unblurred version of this picture....want to get the full spectrum here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ronnie Morris - 07-16
I see the 25 year old basement dwelling children are out in force.
Texas Rebel - 07-16
crop it out like the news story did geez
Texas Rebel - 07-16
crop it out big baby
Texas Rebel - 07-16
OMGDelete the picture if it offends you and you should have taken another not that big of a deal not newsworthy your acting like your whole life it's ruined because of that get over itit's actually pretty funny
David Babb - 07-16
wonder how many times they have seen your teets maybe your jealous hers had no sag
George Yruegas - 07-16
who took the picture?.....their this thing called crop you can use that to take out someone or something out of the picture
David Babb - 07-16
r u kidding a vacation in honor of deceased grandmother WTF sounds like you were happy about that inheritance check boo hoo maybe next time go to Mexico and have a better time.
User from TX - 07-16
Cry baby. It was a joke. Stop making big deals out of everything. Laugh, crop her out and move on