Chrissy Teigen's Adult Scratch-Off Book Looks So Soothing & Here's Where You Can Find Your Own

Bustle - 07-16


Alexa, Google the nearest book store that carries adult scratch-off books. On social media, relatable human Chrissy Teigen shared an adult scratch-off book for anxiety with her followers, and it seriously looks so soothing. The Cravings cookbook author first introduced the concept to her Twitter followers on June 29 with a mesmerizing clip. In it, she fills in a scratch-off book of what appears to be a leprechaun. "Luna has this 'scratch and sketch' book. You use a wooden stylus to scratch off the black like a lotto ticket, then there is color underneath," Teigen captioned the video. "It’s incredibly soothing if you have anxiety, just enjoy scratch-offs, or both (me)." Well, the scratch-off book saga continued this weekend with Teigen working on a more advanced rendering of a detailed landscape of Paris.