Pennsylvania Man Says Food Delivery Driver Ate Half His Order - 07-15


This is what happens when the person delivering your food to your home gets too hungry. Or maybe they just don't care. One York County, Pennsylvania man found this out he hard way. And all he wanted were some ribs.

Dan Hall: Lemme get 1 rib!

Charles Wilson: poison control bruh...I tasted it..its ok😏

Lorraine Ronchi: I would not pay for this order take it back


Randy Hilbert - 07-16
I'm hungry all the time too I probably would have ate the food
Paula Williams - 07-16
omg I'd be pissed...nobody, and I mean NOBODY better take my food!
Dirt Nasty - 07-16
the whole idea of having a stranger bring your food to you is kinda weird, I know delivery drivers are strangers but they're employed directly by the restaurant and I'd say are less likely to do something like this. Does door dash do background checks on their people before hiring them?
Carol Ann - 07-16
my son used doordash for the first time, and ordered a pizza.. the delivery man did not speak English, and my son received a cheeseburger sub, cheesy fries, and chicken fingers with fries. he told the driver he ordered a pizza , and the guy gave him the wrong food and just left anyway.
Kevin Reilly - 07-16
Jennie Cornell - 07-16
I want to see the pics of the food!
User from PA - 07-16
Da da da da da... I’m lovin’ it!
love the ladies - 07-16
was it a rib from adam maybe?? lol hows that go? i doubt however it's told theres no sauce on the rib...?or is there!!??🙉🙈🙊
User from PA - 07-16
Charles Wilson - 07-16
poison control bruh...I tasted it..its ok😏
Dan Hall - 07-16
Lemme get 1 rib!
Lorraine Ronchi - 07-16
I would not pay for this order take it back