Sheriff: Understaffing means few federal inmates at Santa Cruz County jail

Nogales International - 07-15


Overcrowding at federal migrant detention centers has led to public outcry and arrangements with local governments to temporarily house detainees. But the chronically under-filled Santa Cruz County jail, built with the idea that it would house a significant number of federal inmates, is not an option for taking some of the pressure off, Sheriff Antonio Estrada said.


Chiquis - 07-16
I'm really concerned of lack of space for all those immigrant adding up every day, is going crazy, we have to provide a place that its full already, and food this is crazy, why they have to be kept,can't we send them in the bus to the border, I really don't think its that hard, I just don't understand some have been here many months,and kids separated from their parents is very sad and sick for me, I really feel desperate to see so many, and for reals my heart is sad, because these people are human beings like us,and risking their lives,running from violence and crime. this breaks my ❤ heart. WE ALL DESERVE TO LOOK FOR A BETTER LIFE.🙏🙏🙏