Family: Ala. man infected with flesh-eating bacteria after kayaking on Tenn. River

WAFF - 07-16


FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - A Lauderdale County man has been fighting for his life in the hospital after his wife says a day kayaking with their kids left him with a terrifying infection.

Gene Bundy: are pray are with you all hugs


Volo Holt - 07-17
My brother had the same thing and it spread like fire. It ate hole up his spine and a hollow from surgery from rotten flesh cut out. It's scarry!!!
Pam Laramie - 07-16
I pray for this young man and his familys but !!!!!!! GOD IS REAL AND SO GOOD.
Gene Bundy - 07-16
are pray are with you all hugs