'Lady Lucky!' Missouri Baby Born on 7-Eleven Day at 7:11 p.m., Weighing 7 Lbs., 11 Oz.

People - 07-15


Rachel Langford said she had seen the numbers seven and 11 repeatedly throughout her pregnancy. It’s lucky sevens (and 11s!) for this Missouri family. Rachel Langford and Johntez Brown, of St. Louis, welcomed their daughter, J’Aime Brown, on Thursday, July 11 at 7:11 p.m. And in yet another lucky coincidence, the little girl was born weighing 7 lbs. and 11 oz.

Man Johnson: lucky lottery pick 3

Alvie Truckinchihuahua Schreckhise: WOW!


George Luckey - 07-16
Misha Hill - 07-16
Congrats 😁😁7-11
Joanne Brosam - 07-16
Guess where they should buy their lucky lottery tickets at? you guessed it. 7-11!
Carmen Scholz - 07-16
congrats.what were the odds of that happening.? astronomical.
Alvie Truckinchihuahua Schreckhise - 07-16
Man Johnson - 07-16
lucky lottery pick 3
Man Johnson - 07-16
play them numbers lol 7 11