Georgia man dies in Dominican Republic after drinking soda that didn't 'taste right'

AOL Corp - 07-15


Yet another American tourist has died suspiciously in the Dominican Republic, bringing the total number of mysterious deaths in the Caribbean country to well over 10. Tracy Jerome Jester Jr., 31, of Forsyth, Ga., passed away on March 17 while vacationing with his sister at a resort, the U.S. State Department and his family told ABC News on Sunday.

Gradean Smith-Willis: Just how many more people from the US has die before these people get it. SAD...SMH

Amy Horne Hawkins: but they still keep going to the D.R.

Flores Connie: Smh, Plenty to see and do right here in the USA.

Alexis Bossladiia: Something Going On Because Everyone Goes There 1Way And Don't Manage To Leave. So Play It Smart If You Sees What Happens To Someone There Why Would Anyone Wanna Go Without Questioning Your Self First No One Else Should Visit Their Until They Finds Out Whats Happeing To These Ppl.

Lovelylady: If the soda " didn't taste right"', then why keep drinking it ? 🙄


Mellisa Crow - 19 days ago
nobody gonna keep feeling sorry for americans dying after its been a nwtional warning of deaths.rih but people should do research instead of looking for cheap vacays.too many americans and tourist dying commin since they are killing yall.
Dianna Brewster - 26 days ago
I think the reason why people are making these DR deaths su ha big deal is.. #1 Like you said, MEDIA. If it doesn't make the news, then no one pays attention. #2 The similarities of how all these people died and so suddenly.The number of people that have died doesn't bother me as much as the similarities. And in a seemingly short period of time.
Juanita Byrd - 27 days ago
ppl are dropping dead like flies.Why are ppl.still going their? n other than that eating or drinking anything from D.R.?
Mecca8383 - 27 days ago
Stupid...He said "We had 14 deaths of Americans last year, but now this year everyone is making a big deal.". Dude...its July and 10 people already are dead. Also...he said "What is the big deal?". People dying isn't a BIG DEAL?😐 I guess this dude don't have a heart..all he cares about is getting money from tourist attractions.
User from IL - 28 days ago
Lead the lambs to the slaughter, my god loves blood
Rob Dee Poetcha - 30 days ago
😆y'all keep going there like y'all untouchable.
Olivia Hall - 07-22
Ridiculous why would ppl cont to go there I wouldn't go for free real talk 😂
Lavonne Crummy - 07-20
Have been there twice with no problems. I will not go back now. Too many great places in US to vacation.
Kayce Berry - 07-19
My son bought 2 homes over there and one has large pool. I am saddened I will not get to visit and house sit over there..Damn
Kayce Berry - 07-19
Can we the tax payers send the Rapist Pedofiles and Murders there?
Marydella Nathan - 07-18
Hey EVERYBODY maybe its pay back for the way the US government is treating illegal immigrants, especially the Spanish speaking countries.
Electric 9 - 07-18
Oohhhh! ..Ooooooh! ..I wanna go nowww!😂🐜!
Jane Doe - 07-18
He died in March and in July it comes out he died? I don't get it.
Alonzo - 07-17
We should send our President there for vacation
Tizba - 07-17
Hey America, DONT GO TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for vacation.
J Tip - 07-17
Ann Blasengame - 07-17
I would think someone is targeting American... A terrorist most likely...
Adam Muirhead - 07-16
The US should ban all flights and travel there
Daniel penn - 07-16
yeah the real issue seems to be having something to drink that's laced with something or people are getting sick and dying, this same thing went on in Puerto Rico a few years ago, however I'm smart enough not to go to neither place, as Americans you'll be a Target wherever you go stay your ass home
?? - 07-16
why keep going ? something or one is killing American duh
User from CA - 07-16
Don’t let the media control what you should know. Ok peeps, you can all do your research, don’t let the one-sides media keep you in the dark, we are smarter than that. According to the U.S. Department of State, hundreds of Americans die every year outside the country.In 2018: Mexico had the most by far: 196 Americans died just south of the border last year. Most of them were murdered with 67 homicides. 66 died from some sort of accident, and 23 people drowned.Thailand had the second-highest number of deaths with 33 people killed, followed by Costa Rica with 24 and the Philippines with 23.Several other countries came out higher than the Dominican Republic, including Honduras with 18, Jamaica with 17, Vietnam with 17, Canada with 14, Germany with 14 and Japan with 14.
Rogelio Tapia Reyes - 07-16
Cia Warrior - 07-16
dont go there , you won't come back
User from TN - 07-16
I have a feeling the Dominican Republic’s tourism industry is just about over!
Michelle Rosser - 07-16
Travis B - 07-16
This is bulls--t. I think that Carlos suero knows something is going on but hes covering it up. Ten deaths in the DR in a short amount of time?? That's not coincidence. I would want to see the documents on the "other" 14 tourists that died according to Siero. I dont believe a word of it.
Lovelylady - 07-16
There has to be more to this story. For this many people to be dying in that country means that something is definitely going in over there. It seems like ever since that couple disappeared, every time you turn around, somebody dies. What gives ?!
User from GA - 07-16
Omg. Any death is a big deal!!
Lovelylady - 07-16
If the soda " didn't taste right"', then why keep drinking it ? 🙄
Not my first choice in vacation destinations.