Lawsuit against Encore Boston Harbor casino, alleges players were cheated, winnings withheld

WCVB - 07-15


EVERETT, Mass. — A class-action lawsuit filed in Middlesex County Superior Court alleges that Encore Boston Harbor Casino is cheating blackjack players and withholding slot winnings from customers.


Jeffrey Solomon - 07-16
was there day 2. the slots "jackpots" were 96 cents at best. same machine at Twin Rivers 5.40
MSG montana - 07-16
I have a cash out ticket from Foxwoods with change on it cause they also don't give coins or round up to the nearest dollar , I always thought that was crazy that they get to keep people change every nickel ,dime, and quarter adds up bet they make alot of extra money keeping that money
James Lefevra - 07-16
Send them a "93A" letter...!