Whoopi Goldberg is no longer allowed to drive a car

wonderwall.com - 07-15


Whoopi Goldberg is done cruising the open road after revealing she's longer allowed to drive due to poor eyesight. "I have a driver," she said while hosting "The View" on Monday. "The reason I have a driver is because I am not allowed to drive. My sight is not good enough, people get nervous when I get behind the wheel, so, I am not allowed to really drive."

User from FL: She shouldn’t be allowed to be on TV spouting hate, either!!!

User from MA: She shouldn’t be allowed to be on tv

Amos Kingfish: She is a POS! Liberal dog!

Frog Chops: That beastly goblin shouldn't be allowed to breathe.

Trent Strader: To stupid to drive a car? Not worthy of my attention!


Jey Cee - 9 days ago
she can't control her farts??
COUNTRY CHICK ? - 11 days ago
that's right Whoopi make all the white people mad they done it to us for years and still doing it
Edith Behm - 12 days ago
Ride the subway or take a bus.
Eugene Hurt - 14 days ago
she shouldn't be allowed to even talk she has a foul and very ignorant
bobdirt - 18 days ago
I thought her face would make a great door mat
Anthony Liotta - 24 days ago
Jerry Bernard - 27 days ago
comedy legend? that there is funny in itself
John Horn - 28 days ago
it's absolutely insane!!!!! she talk trash n calls names to our President n then she gets on the air wishing death on people n she was never a comedy legend. she did hang out with Robin Williams/Billy Crystal n did a homeless telethon, 35 yrs ago. she wasn't funny then n she's not funny or entertaining at all. what does she do except say mean n nasty things about people who couldn't care less is goldberg took another breath
John Horn - 28 days ago
if any of u goldberg fans believe that she isn't a complete racist herself then all of u r living with blindfolds on when it comes to people of color speaking hate n preaching hate everywhere. I ask anyone out there the show me a video/audio of the US President preaching racial hate then I would agree with all the Dems, he's gotta go. But to slam him when he actually never said anything that written about him. I say, report it, u better b able to prove it.
Donald L Quick - 28 days ago
that's what happens when you live by the nearsighted liberal views your whole life then you get shortsighted.
User from MI - 07-23
David Swallow - 07-22
Her driver should drive her to Canada, then leave!
Kofi-Hayes22 - 07-22
well I'm glad she dumped Ted Danson when he thought it was funny to paint his face black......
Mer Cal - 07-22
Whoopi is a very bitter woman who hates White people. she spreads hate because she hates TRUMP. WELL I'M SURE HE HATES HER TO LOL 😆😆 😆
Sally Blake - 07-22
She hasn’t drives for years. She has a driver.
Linda Hughes - 07-22
get better soon whoopie you are a pretty lady and I like your show
Azalea - 07-21
she shouldn't be allowed to live indoors either!
proud Latino. - 07-21
Wilbur Windler - 07-20
So as a driver.... I say Whoopie
User from GA - 07-20
loniann caruso - 07-20
Maybe her mouth will be next do she can't talk with that big mouth of hers
Samuel Adams - 07-19
she is not a comedy legend, she is not funny
User from WI - 07-19
Who cares
Tony Bishop - 07-19
who the hell cares
Elsie Eddington - 07-19
did u ever new a Elsie house Joseph house
Pat Kniss - 07-19
she should have left like she said she would!
Vick Shaw - 07-19
I remember amendment freedom of speech your president expressed that very well with his split tongue everyone entitle a opinion right?
User from OH - 07-19
Seems reasonable
Vivian Jenkins - 07-19
I was hoping she was no longer allowed to open her mouth
Elaine Rodriguez - 07-18
let her drive one way off a cliff!