Florida man who raped crying 1-year-old daughter, uploaded videos on dark web sentenced to 70 years

meaww.com - 07-15


The Florida man who was accused of raping his infant daughter and posting videos of the horrific abuse on the dark web has been sentenced Thursday. James Lockhart, 31, was convicted of producing, distributing and possessing child pornography between March 2016 and February 2018 and received the maximum sentence of 70 years for his crime, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida.

Teresa Davis: when. there is absolute evidence that the crime was committed such as in this case he should've automatically been put to death !!!! my prayers are with this baby !! I hope the mother had nothing to do with this crime but I hope she is thoroughly investigated to make sure she didn't.

Julie Burney: how mfs like this are allowed to keep breathing.. a 1yr old😳😳.. I'm thinking a blowtorch & tar combo myself

LORI SIMONS: 70 years is too lenient!! The prison "justice system" will take care of him once they find out why he is there, especially with him being a "snitch"I pray for that poor baby. She may never be able to experience the joy of having her own children because of this monster.

Lisa Marie R82: Bring back the public firing squad for pedos..sorry not sorry.

CatLady CatLady: They don't like people who hurt kids in prison. the pain he will have.


User from CA - 30 days ago
I was thinking the same thing!? WTF kind of mother doesn’t notice
User from NY - 07-21
One of the sickest things I’ve ever seen! Razor blades and rubbing alcohol is what he deserves!
User from IL - 07-20
White people disgust me 🤮 how could he do that to his own daughter?
Amy Knowles - 07-19
chemical castration!!!
Loretta Burton - 07-19
I worked with a guy that did that to his girlfriend daughter that was 3 month's old because she would not stop crying. The girlfriend walked in on him an called the police. He came to work trying to explain to everyone. I told him get the f away from me i did not want to hear it because if i were the girlfriend you would not be standing there right know they would be making funeral arrangements
User from CA - 07-17
He’s gonna die where ever he goes
Robert Caldwell - 07-17
really a 1 year old you're not even fully develop yet not until they're teenagers 18 if God can forgive those people people can forgive people it's not a death penalty thing unless it was violent
Robert Caldwell - 07-17
I'll be bubba I'm white and skinny though
Julie Scheffler - 07-17
please put him in general population so the prisoners can deliver his justified Beatdown.
Knewt Knight - 07-17
Republicans will be Republicans.
Sherry P - 07-17
OMG, What a POS....Prayers to the Daughter... he's NO Father...No Mercy for this Creep.
User from CA - 07-17
This is MaGa
Optik Nurv (Espanto) - 07-17
beyond disgusting
Cindy Howell - 07-17
amputate his weapon
User from OR - 07-17
Why should we pay for this piece of sht to live another day? Auction him off to the most deviant mind we can find and live stream his demise on ppv. Inmates are going to make it right I’m sure of it.
Frozone - 07-17
He's white = No racist comments
John Kozak - 07-17
Let others prisoners know what he did 🤬
Nurse Terra - 07-16
We know he's guilty right so let's forget the nonsense and just end him. He's worthless to society...totally. A bullet is a lot cheaper than taxpayers footing the prison bill.
Michele D - 07-16
All of you stating he should be put to death...No. thats the easy way out. 70yrs in prison with men who have daughters themselves... Justice WILL be served.
JJ johnson - 07-16
Why do they find some kinda excuse for these sick perverted people who would do such a act on a child
Lrealness - 07-16
so he actually can get out.. wtf. let me see you walk the streets
Dan Negrey - 07-16
what I don't understand is..He signed a plea agreement and is testifying against other pedophiles.. Why did he still get the maximum..(And believe me I think he deserves way more)..Just dont Understand..
Linda Flagg - 07-16
70 years is not enough 175 years is the minimum. imates hate child molesters, so he got something coming in prison.
Jerome Bragg - 07-16
he will get prison Justice
CatLady CatLady - 07-16
They don't like people who hurt kids in prison. the pain he will have.
Shellee Dulin - 07-16
he deserves way more these pervs keep getting off soooooooo easy they need life without parole then maybe this would stop
Coachwillie Copeland - 07-16
the side of me want to saying burn in hell bitch♨.but i love my lord an saver.i must say me as a father & grandfather i for give you in my fathers name.who love us all know matter how sinful we he loves us.ame pray for him family.love⛪💒💒💒
User from FL - 07-16
You can’t tell me that the mom didn’t know this was happening. No fkn way she is innocent! Sick & twisted m’fers all need to die & right away not waste taxpayers $ sitting in jail getting an education, exercising, watching tv, 3 meals a day... wtf!!! 🤨🤬
Jennifer Lynne Bosten - 07-16
I feel like throwing up.
User from FL - 07-16
Agree !