Where is Kylie Jenner Now? Here's All You Need to Know About Her Girls' Trip to Turks & Caicos

Distractify - 07-15


If you haven’t been on Instagram, you wouldn’t know that Kylie Jenner isn’t in America right now. The beauty mogul flew herself and friends out to Turks and Caicos to celebrate the launch of her skincare brand, Kylie Skin. Now everyone knows when a Kardashian/Jenner launches a new project — it is not a small ordeal.


Karin Carlin - 07-16
Not everyone wants to eat what the Kardashians want. Maybe seafood, Beef!! Fileon Mignon! Fresh fruit and Veggies!!! 😁🥑🍉🍒🍅🍞 just the basics to survive!
Karin Carlin - 07-16
We all wish we could afford the bill after we eat!!!