CALL 6: New details about crash that killed 7

6 News WRTV - 07-15


INDIANAPOLIS - The Call 6 Investigators have uncovered new information about a truck driver and trucking company involved in a fiery Interstate 65 crash that left a mother and father without seven of their family members.


white zebra - 07-16
lots of money will help the pain??? the laws the laws
Tamera Romero - 07-15
no, yes maybe he did speed in the past but you cannot hold him accountable fo that, WE ALL HAVE, HE TESTED NEGATIVE FOR DRUGS AND IM SURE THEY CHECKED EVERYTHING!!! Now I'm so sorry for what happened to them and them babies but my GOD let go, hell I speed still that does not mean I'm a murderer!!! If he did wrong and gets by with it then I'm a believer GOD will deal with him in his way..... RIH AND MY CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY